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Community Commitment

We will be responsible and supportive partners in the communities where we live and work and, where appropriate, use the resources and strengths of our organization for positive change.
We will work aggressively to expand our position as the predominant source of news, information and advertising products in our markets.

Customer Focus
Customers are the reason we do what we do; they are the reason the company exists; they define our purpose.  We will produce superior products and provide exemplary service by understanding and anticipating our customers’ needs.

In all departments and at all levels of the company, we will strive to build a workforce that reflects the multicultural nature of the communities we serve.

Ethical Conduct/Integrity
We will conduct our professional and business activities in a fair, honest, truthful and honorable manner.

We will make continuous improvements and innovations in products, processes, practices and procedures.  We will do what it takes to make every aspect of the operation the best it can be.  We will learn and grow through training and personal development.

Independent Journalism
Our commitment to journalistic integrity and credibility is absolute; as beneficiaries of the first amendment, we will not betray our public trust for fear or favor.

Open Communication
We will communicate, openly and with candor, listening to each other regardless of level or position.

We must be profitable.  Profitability allows us to improve and succeed as individuals and as an organization, while providing appropriate return to our shareholders on their investment.

Respect/Fair Treatment
We will demand respect for the individual, assure fair treatment for all employees and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The company has a responsibility to the employees and the employees have a responsibility to both the company and each other.  We recognize the interdependent nature of our workplace; how each of us does our job affects others and the company as a whole.

Risk Taking
We will encourage new ideas and initiatives by individuals and teams.  We will reward and celebrate success and encourage innovation.

Teamwork is essential to our continued success. We will freely join across departmental boundaries to improve our products, solve problems and create value for our customers.


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